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its so simple:   
03:27pm 06/10/2004

either add the name "shorelinesat1am" as your friend, or click this link and post a comment there:


it helps take the guesswork out of whos aware of my new online existance- thanks so much!

new username   
11:05pm 05/10/2004
  the new one is "shorelinesat1am". there's no hard feelings in the changing of my name, i just feel awkward using 4901 for anything anymore.

"who is stuart?"   
02:33am 04/10/2004
  this weekend was definately one of the most memorable times of my life.

it went a little something like this:
train to bay head at 9:30 AM, got to lacey, had lunch. went to my old work, went to the football game *good job to the band!*, went thrift-shopping, and to rag shop, and to see caity at work. went to seaside: played DDR and ate funnel cake on the beach, and got attacked by seagulls "you live here, don't you know better?". stopped in at the mall to use the bathroom and look in spencers (rope=expensive!), "malls exhaust me, lets leave." white castle on the way home, garys house, watched nickelodeon for a little while, and went to the park "i'll never forget this". then we went to LBI and layed out there for a while, it was so awesome. we rolled up our pants and ran in the ocean, 1 AM early october night. *the ten-second I Feel So Alive Right Now sequence)

we got home and made our "fuck yo' couch, tayla'!" shirts, watched some history on buddy holly's life and fell asleep. woke up at noon or so, ate pizza and watched family guy. watched some home movies, etc etc. we had to pack up to come back here and we left my house around 5 and got to school around 7:15 because the bridge was really backed up.

went to wolfgang puck's for dinner and then had percussion ensemble from 8:30 til about 10:30, hung out in the hall for a while, dunkin donuts, then bryan's room for spaceballs, now we're back here.

and he's signaling for me to stop typing and come to bed. oops.
skipping graphics class...   
03:08pm 01/10/2004
  and i'm about to take a nap.

so this week was eventful. i donated blood, watched the debates, had $100+ worth of my stuff thrown into a lake, got all my homework for next week done, made jello shots, downloaded eternal sunshine, and got over being sick.

tonight is the 5,6,7,8s show, how exciting!

and even more exciting than that is tomorrow: i get to go back home and dave's coming with me. i've been looking forward to this for the past couple and everything is planned now, things will be awesome. we're going to lunch with my brother, to halftime to see the band <3, thrift-shopping, to seaside, etc etc etc. its going to be nice to sleep in a bed bigger than the ones here. hooray.

everyone leave song quotes as comments and i'll give a dollar to whoever leaves the one i like the most: go!
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the power trio   
05:40am 26/09/2004
  dave, kris and i hung out tonight. it was a lot of fun. i really had to get my mind off of certain lacey-based things, and getting to have fun with them really helped.

i'm about to go to bed, hopefully everything will be solved tomorrow, or soon at least.

i'm looking forward to being home next weekend but i really do love it here at stevens.

congrats to the band for your competition tonight- well done!

everyone should start sending me mail because i hate having an empty mailbox: (i'll even reimburse you for the stamps!!)
Kate Konczal
Box S-0854
Stevens Institute of Technology
1 Castle Point on Hudson
Hoboken, NJ 07030

thanks a million.

"golden slumbers fill your eyes
smiles await you when you rise
sleep pretty darling, do not cry
and I will sing a lullaby" :o)
"spikeyheadedfool: I like it when there's one person in an alley...   
12:16pm 24/09/2004
  ...and then they get sandwiched inbetween two zombies"

Hello, livejournal world. Right now I’m updating in MSword because I can’t get online, but as soon as I get back to my dorm, I’ll copy and paste this bitch into my journal. Right.

So I’m in programming lecture right now. The seating arrangement is me, then denny, willy, B, frank, and dave. I’m overtired so I’m goofing off, playing ddr, just not paying attention at all. I start to hear everyone in our row crack up… I look down and see that everyone’s laughing at dave. Why? Because he’s watching porn during lecture. Now, not that many people are paying attention, I’d be on AIM if I could but my wireless is crazy. Others are writing essays or just fucking around, but dave is watching porn. And we’re in the front row. God damn it.

“Are you upset because he’s got porn on his laptop, or because he’s watching it during C++?"/"I think I'm mostly upset that I can't see it!"

This is hands down the funniest thing that happened this week. You should've been there.

Agenda of a College Student (referencing 9/23/04): "Does this make me a stereotype?" lol
Class, Nap, Shower, Class, Lunch, Laundry, Class, Porn, Sex, Choir, Family Guy, Chicken, Beer, Cigarette, Coffee, Calc, Porn, Make Out, Sleep.

Well now I’m in chem recitation and I’m getting a signal again, so I’ll put this up. Hooray. Too bad that all the beginnings of my sentences are actually capitalized, crazy auto-correct. Oh well.
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"ordinary life is pretty complex stuff"   
01:21am 23/09/2004
  the free green day show was alright, although it started 45 minutes late. but, it was free, so i can't really complain.

dave and i hung out and watched family guy, seinfeld, and this movie american splendor. we had orange juice, sherbet, potato chips, and vitamins... why? we started Strep Throat Club! we're the only members. its an awesome excuse to be lazy all day, though- plus, i've wanted to see american splendor for the longest time; every time i'd go to blockbuster i'd see the cover and feel really compelled to rent it; but whoever i was there with never seemed interested. now, its here with me on my computer and i'm happy.

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is released on dvd on september 28th. i want to buy it. will i? thats another story. we'll see... no matter what, i want to see it as soon as possible, as it is the best movie ever.

my down arrow key is still broken.
my am lit paper needs to be written.
i need to do my laundry.

..but really, those three things are the only three things keeping my life from being perfect right now. not bad.
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65 hours later...   
10:05am 20/09/2004
  what a weekend. caity came out friday night and we all got to hang out, it was a ton of fun. we played fairly odd parents, haha. the hulk hands brought much amusement. the night eventually turned into a normal college night, vinny was sick so he stayed in the room for a little while... he says "kate, please make out with him so he shuts the fuck up!": the quote of the night. eventually his roommate came back and let him back into the room; at which point caity, dave, kris and i went out to the cannon. we spent a while out there talking, when we got back in it was around 4.
caity and i slept til about 12:30 or 1 on saturday, thanks to the faulty directions given to a delivery guy. anyway.. we went to NYC and walked around in the rain for a little while. i really enjoyed getting to spend time with her, it brought the happiest feelings from home back up here to hoboken. she left around 6 or so, at which point, i went to hang out with dave. he played viola for me and made me jealous that i can't play anything that well. yes, i can play a bunch of instruments half-assed, but he's really awesome at viola and it makes me want to get better at, well, something i can play already. or something new. whatever. i went to the show around 8:30 and got back at 10:30. it was fun, tim did an awesome job arranging everything; dirt bike annie rocks and lola ray rocked (again!); the last time i saw them was in june. afterwards, i was hanging out with dave, ian, nate, kris, and kris' friend johnny. we did a lot of walking around and being goofy, etc, etc, etc. yeah..
around 4:15 on saturday night (sunday morning) i fell asleep on dave's scary top bunk and only a few short hours later, i was being woken up by my phone. my mom was in hoboken on her way home from CT so she took dave and i out to breakfast. after breakfast, matt dave and i went to NYC to pick up our wristbands for the free green day show, fun fun fun. free = good. the rest of the day was spent making the "south boken" picture of a few people from "the group" (it actually looks pretty good, if anyone wants a copy, just comment or something), doing laundry, reading.. dave got back from work and we hung out for a while, we went to qdoba at 10:30ish, and had a few hours to spend together. i've really been in an awesome mood for the past few weeks.. as we put it, the last four weeks have been the best, and the last three weeks have been the best part of the best. i think when we said it last night, it didn't sound so awkward, but you get the point. we fell asleep around 1, listening to jimmy eat world..
the alarm clock went off at 9 because i had to read more before class this morning. now i'm here, in american lit, not paying much attention to his lecture. i bet he thinks i'm taking awesome notes. hah.

"can you still feel the butterflies?"-jimmy eat world
i mean every word.   
11:44pm 15/09/2004
  won't make the bed up straight
i always stay out late
i never take you out
ask what you're all about

i always smell like smoke
everything's just a joke
i never look at you
when you come hear me sing

these are not all of the many simple things
you can find wrong with me,
once would you tell me please
what do i do, what do i do,
what do i do, what do i do right?

i never talk to you
be who you want me to
my music's way too loud,
my friends are all so proud

say i'm just Wasted Hope
i could not thread the rope
more than my pocket's broke
and you don't see a ring

-these are not all of the infinitesimal things you can find wrong with me...

its too bad that Jimmie's Chicken Shack wrote that song before i had a chance to. rarrr.

so we're into our third week of classes and things are going smoothly. physics, chemistry, and american literature are just like my high school classes. my engineering classes are new but fun, same thing with programming. calc II is the only half-challenging thing but its still awesome and its not hard. swing dancing is awesome.

the people up here are amazing and i love all of them.

hopefully caity is coming up this weekend, if cost cutters doesn't get in the way, which it better not!! damnit!! jobs are so goddamn lame.

dave and i should be coming to lacey october 2nd and 3rd- good times are in store!

matt and i went to the mall today, it was hilarious! 111+3o12 = awesome. between our ethan frome shirts, the "Hide My ____" shirt, and his near blindness, it was a great day. we're going to see the 5,6,7,8s (don't know who they are? watch kill bill vol. 1.) and its going to be mega-fun.

my down arrow key is broken.

allow me to end my post by saying that Amy is the absolute most understanding, coolest roommate ever. i'm so happy we got matched up.

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dizzy skylines   
12:14pm 11/09/2004

around the world was simultaneously the best thing and the worst idea ever.  man oh man.  the difference between frat parties and parties in lacey is the availability of alcohol here.  its not a matter of "there's only half a bottle of vodka left so we can each only have x amounts of shots" here.  its "yeah! more! more!".. and "more" it was.  i was in each of the rooms at least once and had two of everything and three of some things.  i went downstairs and had a punch, then another one, and thank god i told gus' outstanding roommate andy to not let me drink anymore because if i had a third i have no clue what would have happened.  i remember giving dan a backrub and having everyone that walked by comment on it.  i remember stumbling out of the house with dan and anthony who had to help me walk all the way back to campus.  i remember laying down by the cannon and throwing up the gross mac and cheese for dinner all over the lawn.

back at dan's room i kept throwing up, and as i said to him, "true friends really are the ones holding your hair back as you puke into their garbage can".  we talked and hung out for a while, it made me feel a lot better about a lot of things-  bryan came in with a couple people, then white brian and dave came in and they were hilarious.  i think somewhere between all that i was passed out but i really don't know, i didn't have much of a concept of time.

i woke up in dan's bottom bunk around 9:00 feeling like crap, took a shower, and hung out with kris and vinny for a while, then got gus to make sure he was alive.  now i'm about to take a nap.

dave and i had a date planned to go into nyc today.  in the beginning of the week when we were setting it up, i don't think we realized that today would be 9/11.  ummm.  i guess we'll just be avoiding that whole area.


soco amaretto lime- brand newCollapse )

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12:59pm 08/09/2004
  going back home to lacey was fun, although i slept almost the entire time i was there. when i was home, it almost felt like college never happened; but now that i'm back up here, i feel a lot more "at home" than i did at my real home. i wonder why. hrm.

in 20 minutes i hafta go to some crazy thing for freshman.

i took out my lip ring last night and couldn't get it back in.

caity is visiting from the 17th-19th, looking forward to that.

...also looking forward to the thunderstorm we're supposed to have tonight.

"like a plane crash that never hits the ground, i fall in love with you; i'm nose over tail for you"-alkaline trio
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"theres a time and a place for everything, and its called 'college' "   
09:50am 28/08/2004
  college fucking rocks. so many awesome people are here, i'm having a great time.

however- i miss a lot of people from home. everyone please keep in touch.
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three days   
10:28am 19/08/2004
  this is a test to see how many people will actually do this. my guess is "none". eveyone, please surprise me by actually filling this out! yay

1. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
2. Am I loveable?
3. How long have you known me?
4. When and how did we first meet?
5. What was your first impression?
6. Do you still think that way about me now?
7. What do you think my weakness is?
8. Do you think I'll get married?
9. What makes me happy?
10. What makes me sad?
11. What reminds you of me?
12. If you could give me anything what would it be?
13. How well do you know me?
14. When's the last time you saw me?
15. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
16. Do you think I could kill someone?
17. Describe me in one word.
18. Do you think our friendship is getting stronger/weaker/or staying the same?
19. Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?
20. Are you going to put this on your live journal and see what I say about you?
21. Your name

mike is back from ireland, but we were both really groggy and mean yesterday night, sleep deprivation.. woohoo! we're going shopping today because i still need more things for college. blaaaaaah.

i had a fun day with High-Ten Kid yesterday though!! He's the coolest person i've met most recently. we made breakfast, i taught him how to drive a little, ate italian ice in front of the band camp kids when they were practicing, went to the beach & got stood up by my family, somehow got to belmar, went to the mall, etc etc etc. all in all, lots of fun.

on saturday, i'm having everyone i know over my house all day. there'll be snacks and if its nice then we'll probably barbeque. i'm leaving sunday so each and every one of you had better be here!

okay, now do the quiz. :o) thanks
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T minus fifteen days   
12:14am 07/08/2004
  trips to great adventure, watching gremlins, and spending time with close friends is what makes me happy and keeps me sane.

when i asked "can i get a debit card?", they should have said "no way."

"soap" and "quarters" and "bleach" and "laundry"
are words I use at the laundromat
reading the news & watching the people:
that's what i do at the laundromat --tdm
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11:48am 27/07/2004

i guess you need to tear down before you can rebuild;

even still, i wish that everything i'm familiar with wasn't crumbling away before i leave for college.

i need caity,
i miss ray,
mike should not go to ireland,
i need strings for my guitar because not playing is killing me,

on the other hand:

certain things are going very well, however, i'm terrified of having to walk away from them in three weeks when i go to hoboken.

so, in conclusion:  i'm apprehensive of anything positive because in twenty-five days, i'm gone.  that leaves everything negative, i'm becoming so empty, and its something i'm not used to.  i'm more than this blank expression that won't leave my face.

"and i scream for the sunlight or a car to take me anywhere"

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today's fortune:   
12:04am 24/07/2004
  "the time is right to make new friend"

so a cancelled trip to pennsylvania was made better by a trip up to hoboken. less than a month til i can call it my second home..
it was fun to walk around town, even if it was raining.

"i will follow anything that brings me to you, for now, forever, for on and on and on" alkaline trio
the true story of ira and reggie   
10:08am 18/07/2004

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bahaha 315
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if i sleep i won't wake up   
08:04am 17/07/2004
  "and i fell for the promise of a life with a purpose
but i know that that is impossible now.
and so i drink to stay warm
and to kill selected memories
because i just can't think anymore about that or about him tonight
i give myself three days to feel better
or i swear i am driving off a fucking cliff
because if i can't make myself feel better
then how can i expect anyone else to give a shit
and i scream for the sunlight or a car to take me anywhere"
-bright eyes

on another note, i need someone who wants to come to philly with me next saturday the 24th.
two down, six to go   
01:04pm 11/07/2004
  i don't want summer to end. i've had a lot of fun this past week because i haven't had to go to work much, a total of 3.5 hours for the whole week. hooray for that $20. ugh. the next couple weeks coming up i'll be "picking up more hours", but then again, she's been saying that for months. it doesn't matter because, come august, i'm done there.

i've been spending a lot of time with ray lately, but i wish i could see caity more often. friday night, mike angela and i went to big ed's bbq to check up on the local ska scene. rob's band, storybook victory, did really really well, as did jade fire, and i saw the rightaways & they were pretty good.

yesterday consisted of a lot of driving. i woke up and went to ray's around noon, had to wake him up and then we went to adam's party around one. we ate and played volleyball (ap physics vs. everyone else), and we lost, but only by two. a surprisingly close game considering it was 5 geeks and like 8 "regular people". we were clearly the underdogs.
we left adams party to get caity and go to the zoo. when we found out that the zoo cost money, however, we decided to go to toys'r'us and use our imaginations with the stuffed animals. on our way back to lacey, we followed signs for a "feeding frenzy" but with no avail. it got us to a little kid baseball game and we were all very disappointed.
we dropped caity off around 4 and headed to dean's house. we played cards and stuff for a little while, it was good seeing everyone. then we had to leave there to go to other ray's party, which was in bayville. on our way there we went to the new shop rite and spent time with the talking/singing/joke-telling tree. we couldn't spend much time at ray's because we had to go back to lacey. we got back to adam's party around 7ish or so and played spud and croquette (Sp?) etc etc. we got to my house again around 9:30 and realized that we still had time to go to toms river and see my sister (yesterday was her birthday) so thats what we did. got back in lacey for the last time around 11 and we both just went right home and right to sleep. tiring.

i found out who i'm rooming with next year: her name is amy and she's from california. i have my room phone number so if you want it, ask me, because i'm not sure if hoboken is considered roaming for my cell phone and if it is, then my room phone will be my main number.
315: t.g.i.n.s!

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the hour between 10 and 11 am   
11:36am 01/07/2004
  life is outstanding right now.

everything that happens proves that even though life is great, it can get better, and it is.

the only (somewhat) bad thing is that i spent a night in hoboken on tuesday. i had a ton of fun with matt but it made me realize how much i'll miss lacey people once i'm gone.

however, thats something i don't have to deal with for another month and a half: to which i say, "worry about it then".

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